Balance Is Important

I can almost guarantee that if you’ve taken any type of health class, whether or not it was voluntary or forced by your high school, you have learned about a balanced diet.

If it comes to a healthy lifestyle, I believe it is important to work out after a day and eat healthy during the work week. Let’s be honest, the notion of a strict no carb diet is dreadful, and how many times can we really say it is something we have followed through with? I know for me, the term diet and the notion of a dramatic shift are too intimidating to consider. Instead, I have reverted to a lifestyle with a balanced pattern.

In terms of working out, I’ve given myself the objective of perspiration for at least 30 minutes each day. I chose 30 minutes per day because it is not just doable but it’s also fascinating to think I get to put aside a half hour to be with myself, my songs, my Animal Prosand not care about what everybody else is doing.

Very similar to my exercise regimen, I’ve set a limit to heading out just on the weekends, except when there is a special occasion. Alcohol consumption is tough on the body and paired with the loss of sleep may make you eat more and become a cycle of wreak havoc. I learned the value of this balance by cutting out alcohol altogether, only to go through the pendulum swing to the common side of social and casual alcohol intake. It took me some time to develop an understanding of how my body responds to certain spirits, and how often I can drink without putting a damper over the upcoming few days.

For me, finding a balance between dining out and eating has been nothing short of hard. In my friends asking me if I wish to go to dinner or the notion of not wanting to cook, finding moderation here’s tough. During college, I found it hard to say no to going out to eat since it was societal and I was tired from my day. I began to give myself limitations once more and told me when I ate in at least three nights a week, I could go out to dinner on the weekends without feeling guilty.

Balance in life is tough to discover, throughout the hectic demands of work and the time we’ve left for ourselves in the end of the day, I’ve found it important to balance the few parts we have control of.